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 Breaking & Entering...

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PostSubject: Breaking & Entering...   8/24/2008, 7:28 pm

Well, today was a pretty crazy day.

This morning, I decided I'd go down to my hometown and visit my friends for the day. First we went to the park, played a bit of football, and hungout just messing around and all that. Later on, we went back to my friend's house with a couple others, and then my ex-girlfriend wanted to come over to his house. At first I thought she would hate me and we would argue and I'd end up having a real bad day because of this, but it was actually pretty nice. I talked to her a bit, and we held hands, and just walked around, nothing much happened because she has a boyfriend now and I didn't want to cause trouble. Well, towards the end of the afternoon around 6-7, we thought it would be fun to go into our friend's old house (nobody lives there now) when while we were in there, the cops came. I was scared a bit, but didn't know how to react, two of my friends ran out of the back porch, unfortunately I didn't have that time. The cop opened up the door and told me, my friend, and my ex girlfriend to put our hands behind our head, and go up against the wall. I listened to what the officer said, and got up on the wall. I faced my friend with a nervous look waiting to see what would happen to us. The officer then said "You know that coming into a house that is for sale is against the law and is called Breaking & Entering?" We all responded dissapointedly, saying Yes. He put us up in hand cuffs, and talked with us a bit so we could explain our story, he threatened to arrest anyone who moved even the slightest bit, and I almost was arrested when I turned around to explain myself. He yelled at me to get back on the wall, and then he asked us a few questions. After all of this he finally decided to let us go, and told us to be careful about what we are doing.

I never realized that this could happen just for going on a small adventure Whoa!

After all this, we went to Taco Bell, got some food and laughed about what happened, we eventually caught up with the others who got away, and we all just hungout there until I got picked up.

Overall, it was a pretty fun/funny day, kind of scary too. Just thought I'd share.


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PostSubject: Re: Breaking & Entering...   8/24/2008, 9:31 pm

This happened to me to but cops didn't come.
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Breaking & Entering...
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