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 My day! IT was...

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HOODIE PONz you all

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PostSubject: My day! IT was...   8/24/2008, 11:56 pm


So lets see I got home from my aunts house

[thats where I was over the weekemd] So what I did there all day was play Wii. While my sister and little cusin went on a pantoon boat. But they both got sun burned so I guess that I'm glad I didn't go. So when I got home my ex-girlfriend called and we talked on the phone for 3 and 1/2 hours Happy! . But she said she still liked me. And I still like her. But her parents don't like me and she can't keep secrets so we couldn't go out secretly. But I don't know what I did wrong to make her parents ticked. Well mabey because when her mom was driving us to the movies one time I put my arm around her. And her mom was like EHEMMM. So I guess she was ticked Confused . But thats why I think.

Then I went outside and played with the neighborhood kids. Then talked to my friend on AIM for about 1 hour. Then I got a job for next summer as a 1st grader soccer ref for about 50 bucks a day!!! Happy! . For 6 Saturdays! But $10.00 goes to my mom for gas money to drive me. So if I spend none of it I'll get 240.00 by the end of the season which isin't bad! PLUS I'm going to be a cady!!! Which I get $25.00 a time. ANd I'm car-pooling with a friend of mine.

So out of 10 being a awesome day I had a
10/10 awesome day :D
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My day! IT was...
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